Monday, 20 September 2010


Spring is here!! And here's a positive message for this very special time:
"No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow." ~Proverb
Hope you have a nice beginning of this beautiful season.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Anne Frank

We're reading Anne Frank and wonder how the other characters might describe Anne as they see her. Here's how Natali thinks Peter would do so:

Today is my birthday and I have a game and a cigarette lighter for presents.Everything is getting worse,but we are safe and now that is the most important thing.I feel terrible because there are a lot of people in the streets and the families are separated.I like living here with other families but sometimes it's difficult.

Well,let's talk about Anne,she is very pretty and I like her company because she is funny and she has a good sense of humour all the time,and it's good to have a person like that,because if you are sad,nervous or worried she can make you happy.I like her very much,but in these time I can't think about love because the most important thing is to be alive and survive.If Anne likes me, she could be my girlfriend, but I don't think that, because she ''loves'' me like a brother or a friend.Well,I'm too tired and I've to go to sleep, because it's too late.

Here's what Facundo thinks Alfred would write:

I am Alfred Dussel 10 November

Dear diary , I think that I am lucky because this big family chose me to live in their house , now the Germans are taking the Jews in the concentration camps to kill them ,our secret annexe is really secret because when I entered the buiding had no idea where I was going and then I entered the secret annex I forgot all about Germans and the concentration camps. I was puzzled they received me with a drink then they showed me my bedroom and I forgot to say something , I knew a girl called Anee Frank she is a beautiful she talked to me for an hour. She thinks that she is selfish and I said that she had not any reason to feel like that because you can not protect more people because we are 8 now .

This is Agostina's contribution

Hello kitty: I ,Margot was born in Frankfurt in Germany in 1926.When we went to the Annex I felt scared because I had a letter to say that I was going to the camp but i didn`t go.I lived with other people and it is horrible because we have no trust and the Annex is very small.When we have a shower we have 3 places.I sleep with my sister anne but then other person live with us and I go to sleep to my parents bedroom.I ´m not very happy I like sleeping with my sister it is more fun.I like living with these people,they are good but Mrs Van Dan isn`t a good person because she tells me off all the time.We can`t make noise because the people work in the factory,we have a bookcase that covers the doors this is safer because they don`t see the door.We have a friend called Miep and father´s friend,they help us,they bring us food and clothes.I love them.

Here's what Kendra thinks Peter would say:

Hi kitty! I'm Peter, living here is strange. I don't feel well, We don't know them a lot.
Mom & Dad don't feel well either. This situation is very strange. Anne is a good friend and
Margot is beutiful! I love her...

I think i fell in love.I'm very afraid of the Germans, they can kill us!
Sometimes i ask myself: why me? why am I living this horrible situation?
I think i didn't do anything bad! But things are like that. I'll tell you tomorrow how I feel.